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We’re a couple or creative professionals and have been doing our thing for some 15 years. We both have studied and worked in our fields from as far back as 1999 and have since gained numerous qualifications, years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

The Beginnings

It all started back in 1999 Richard and Paul had both decided to go back to college, Paul had decided to return to his love of computers and coding after, as he says “waking up one day realising he wanted to do something different to managing staff”, Paul enrolled on a HND in Multimedia. For Richard an opportunity arose at work that sparked his desire to get back into design and graphics, he’d opted for a HND in Graphic Design & Multimedia. There meeting came from an off the cuff remark “Didn’t you go to Scalby School?” this innocent question from Richard put things in motion that are still going today.

Having finished the HNDs at Yorkshire Coast College, Richard went on to a combined degree in Graphic Design and Photography, Paul on the other hand went on to a Degree in Web Design (one of the first of its kind in the country). It was whilst we were both doing our degrees that we first started working together on some small freelance projects. On completion of our degrees we started to develop our trades on some fairly large scale operations. One of Pauls roles was to oversee and manage a companies E-Commerce website (containing some 20000+ products) and the intergration of the companies new internal CRM software. Richard also worked for an E-Commerce company producing both graphic and product designs.

Things Change

In early 2012 Paul got married (Richard was of course the best man) and although things looked good then it was short lived, in autumn 2012 Paul was made redundant, the local job market was not full of interesting positions and Paul did not want to relocate the family, instead he decided to go self employed as a Web Designer and has never looked back.

Our Goal

We created Get Me Online Now for one simple reason, to enable small or startup business to get online. From the experience we’ve gained over the last 3 years we’ve come to realise that in the majority of cases small or startup business individuals have neither the time, experience or funding to create an effective online web presence. Our aim is simple, to remove all the blockages and to provide business owners with a professional, yet affordable solution.

Our Values

Although Richard and I have worked for a number of different companies over the years, we always found there ideas and ethos to be ‘lacking’. We’ve worked for those companies whose focus is sale first customer second.

That’s not right and its not us

  • we believe in caring for our customers,
  • we believe in listening and helping,
  • we believe that if a jobs worth doing, it worth doing well,
  • & we also believe that its worth going the extra little step.

At the end of the day, we’re decent people and treat others the same as we would like to be treated, maybe its old fashioned but its true, we want happy customers… are you going to be one of them?

Charity Work

We also believe that its important that we do our bit for the local community, in most cases that means offering our services free of charge to charities, or in some cases we’ve sponsored competitions for students at college, it may not change the world, but we try to do our bit.

Are We Any Good

Well we’ve worked with and for various companies over the years, maybe you’ll have heard of a few of them…
Scarborough Sixth Form College
South Cliff Golf Club
Yorkshire Museum of Farming
Yorkshire Coast College
Hackness Grange Hotel
Everything for Pets
Perkins and Morley

and we’ve been mentioned in various publications, such as…
The Scarborough News
The Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine

Though we’d love the opportunity to provide it to you ourselves, so go on drop us a line or give us a call.  You can always pop by, have a cuppa (or coffee if you prefer) and if your really lucky Richard will have left a biscuit or two in the tin…