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Get Me Online Now …everything you need to become a success online
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Simple & Straight Forward

Our aim is to ‘Get You Online’ with as little fuss as possible, obviously we need some information about your business but we’ll cover that…


Initial Consultation

We’ll have an initial conversation with you this gives us the best opportunity to hear your thoughts and ideas, we run through you, your business and your goals. We then discuss what you feel should be the focus point for the website. We know that technology and geek-speak can be confusing, but don’t worry all our questions will be simple and straight forward.


Request Copies of Printed Flyers / Photos

We always ask our customers to provide us with copies of any existing printed material, such as business cards, flyers. We’ll also ask if you have any good quality photos of your products or services (assuming you have some). Ideally we’d like these in a digital form and emailed over to us, but we’ll happily take hard copies.


Leave it with Us

From here on we’ll leave you in peace so you can get back to doing what you do, whilst we get on with designing and building your website.



You’ll be invited to view the website, we’ll then run through our checklist and complete final testing. Should be need to we’ll also ask for anything that’s missing or needed prior to launch.