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Find For You Guru

Business Outline

Whether it’s furnishing your home, fine art paintings, an amazing antique, a Rolex watch, a passion for collecting or looking to invest; we are here to help find what you’re looking for. At findforyouguru we take the time and hassle out of searching the shops or trawling the internet for that special item.

If it’s a gift or you are treating yourself, we can find it for you! There is no obligation or upfront fee. When we find your item for you and you agree to proceed with the purchase there is a small commission charge; from 25% for low price items and decreasing to as little 2% for higher value items. The more you spend; the less it is.



When I approached Richard and Paul I had no idea of what I wanted from my website, I explained to them how my business worked and they took it from there.  There expertise and knowledge have proven to be very effective, I have a website I am proud of and most importantly it fits the needs of my customers perfectly.

If you’re looking for someone to help you, I recommend them both, thanks again.

Jamie Richards